Gamma-Radiation Counters

The counters are designed to work in different dosimetric and radio-metric devices. The counters are constructed in a variety of technical solutions. The construction of the most gamma radiation counters is designed in such a way that the surface area of the cathode is maximum in comparison with the cylindrical end counters. This allows to achieve the maximum sensitivity of the counter to gamma radiation at minimum dimensions and weight.

Table of correspondences of some names of counters

The counter, produced by SPF «Сonsensus» Analogue of the counter
Gamma-1-1 SI34G
Gamma-2-1 SI38G
Gamma-3-1 SI3BG
Gamma-7 SBM-20-1
Gamma-7C SBM-20
Gamma-7C-1 SBM-20U
Gamma-8C SI21G
Gamma-11C SI22G
Gamma-14 SI39G
Gamma-15 CBM-21
Gamma-15-1 CBM-21-1
Gamma-16 SI42G
Gamma-17 ZP1200, 7121
Gamma-17EC-01 ZP1201
Gamma-17EC-02 ZP1202
Gamma-19 SI37G

Given the policy of continuous development of the company's products, the characteristics of the counters can be changed without prior notice.

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