Neutron Counters

Counters are designed for registration of small streams of slow neutrons. Counter design allows working in high humidity conditions, and in the presence of electromagnetic interference (counters are radio frequency cable).

Counters are made of the following geometric dimensions:

  1. cathode outer diameter: 6, 8, 10, 13, 18, 21, 25, 30, 32, 38, 50, 60 mm
  2. cathode length: 50 - 1000 mm (for cathode length over 1000 mm - to be specified when ordering).

The filling gas pressure can be within the limits for diameters:

  1. from 6 to 10 mm from 1 to 20 atm,
  2. 13-21 mm from 1 to 15 atm,
  3. 25-60 mm from 1 to 10 atm.

Designation of neutron counters when ordering:

  • neutron counters operating in а proportional mode "Helium-D/L-P/XX";
  • neutron counters operating in а proportional mode, with high thermal stability "Helium-T-D/L-P/XX";
  • position-sensitive neutron counters "Helium-PSD-D/L-P/XX";
  • neutron counters operating in а corona discharge "SNK-D/L-P/XX";
  • neutron counters operating in a corona discharge, with high thermal stability "SNKТ-D/L-P/XX",

D - the outer diameter of the cathode, mm
L - overall length of cylindrical part of counter, mm. Includes the length of the cathode and the socle (If there is one).
P - gas filling pressure, atm.
ХХ - option of connector design of the neutron counter.

Table of correspondences of some names of neutron counters

The counter, produced by SPF «Сonsensus» Analogue of the counter
Helium-18/140-2,8/BC Helium-4/2,8
Helium-18/140-8,0/BC Helium-4
Helium-18/180-8,0/BC Helium-4-1
Helium-30/360-4,0/BC Helium-2-1/360
Helium-30/530-4,0/BC Helium-2-1
Helium-30/1030-4,0/BC Helium-2
Helium-30/1030-5,0/BC Helium-2М
Helium-60/130-4,0/L SNM-70
Helium-T-18/120-8,0/L 251106
Helium-T-25/130-4,0/L 9,6He3/304/25
Helium-T-25/130-10.0/L 9,6He3/760/25
Helium-T-25/180-4,0/L 15He3/304/25
Helium-T-32/310-4.0/ОМ SNM-18
Helium-T-50/290-4.0/L 25He3/304/50
SNК-18/120-9,0/ОМ SNM-16
SNK-18/210-9,0/OM SNM-17
SNK-32/120-4,0/L SNM-56M
SNК-32/130-4,0/ОМ SNM-56
SNK-32/200-4,0/ОМC SI19N
SNK-32/260-4,0/L SNM-67E
SNK-32/260-4,0/OM SNM-67
SNK-50/90-4,0/L SNM-79
SNK-50/240-4,0/L SNM-77
SNK-50/300-4,0/L SNM-80