Scientific-Production Firm "CONSENSUS"


SPF "CONSENSUS" was founded in 1992 year. The activities of the company is focused on the development and production of counters used for registering alpha-beta-gamma and neutron radiation in different radiometric and dosimetric devices, and photon counters for detection of an open flame to ultraviolet radiation.

Product requirements

All products are produced according to Technical Specifications, substantially agreed with JSC “Specialized scientific research institute for instrumentation engineering” (SNIIP) and registered in the Federal service for Defense RESEARCH commissioned by the Defense Standardization of products and technologies (FSUE "ROSOBORONSTANDART").


Products are supplied to many enterprises of Russia, as well as several foreign countries. SPF "CONSENSUS" maintains a close working relationship with FSUE “VNIITFA”, JSC “SNIIP”, JSC “ISOTOPE”, Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics (MSU SINP), Lebedev Physical Institute (LPI RAS), JSC “TENEX”, SPC “Doza”, JSC “Instrumental plant "Signal”, JSC “Mayak”, SPE “Atomtex” and “Polimaster” (Belarus) and many other businesses and organizations.


Today, the SPF "CONSENSUS" behind long-term experience, high qualification of personnel, own industrial base and strong positions in the market of Geiger-Muller counters. End-to-end control of technological processes, you maintain the high quality of products in series production. Developed structure management gives us the ability to quickly respond to changing market requirements, modernize the manufactured devices and explore new destinations.




Consensus radiation counters

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