• Radiation counters

    Radiation counters

    Gas-Discharge Counters of Ionizing Radiation

    According to the gas discharge mode, gas discharge counters are divided into:

    1. proportional counters;
    2. corona counters;
    3. Geiger-Muller counters.

    Proportional counters are used to register slow neutrons, as well as X-ray and gamma radiation, if information about the energy of the recorded radiation is needed.
    Corona counters are most widely used for the registration of slow neutrons, but can also be used for the registration of other types of radiation.
    Geiger-Muller counters are mainly used to register alpha, beta, and gamma radiation.

    Gas discharge counters are classified according to the following criteria:

    1. According to the type of recorded radiation:

      1. counters of alpha - beta - gamma radiation;
      2. x-ray counters;
      3. slow (thermal) neutron counters;
      4. UV radiation meters.

    2. By design:

    1. cylindrical (coaxial);
    2. end (entrance window at the end of the device);
    3. cylindrical with a side entrance window.

    3. According to the method of extinguishing the discharge:

    1. non-extinguishing, in which the discharge is interrupted by elements of an external radio circuit;
    2. self-extinguishing, in which the discharge is terminated due to the mechanism of the gas discharge due to the presence of a special quenching impurity in the gas mixture.

    Requirements for counters

    Counters require careful handling when they are installed in the equipment. It is necessary to protect the counters from shocks and mechanical damage. This is especially true for counters with mica entrance windows. The mica window cannot be touched with your hands and must be protected from scratches and punctures.
    It is impossible to allow any kind of contamination to get on the counter, leading to deterioration of insulation properties.
    It is not allowed to bend the output closer than 6 mm from the housing or glass insulator.
    Failure to observe the polarity of the meter can lead to the failure of the latter, even if this voltage was supplied for a short time.
    Exceeding the operating voltage, the maximum permissible values of mechanical and climatic factors affecting the counter, leads to a sharp reduction in its service life or failure.
    Operation of all types of counters at two or more maximum permissible values of electrical and radiometric parameters is not allowed.


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